The First And Last Word In Christmas Magic

October sees the start of the run up to Christmas. Like or loathe, it really pays to adopt the little and often approach now. So come December you can really enjoy all the season brings , crank up the Buble album mulled wine and mince-pie in hand; knowing you are organised and do not have to participate in the last-minute dash. Retail based for a lot of my career I know that the shops have long sold out of anything decent, queues are long and tempers frayed.  So here I present you with a gift ( see what I did there?!) Polar Post. Your one stop shop for younger  ( or indeed grown up ) children.

I am enchanted by Christmas, always have been. I adore making new traditions for my family as well as continuing ones from my own childhood. I am a fully fledged Peter Pan Syndromer. I truly believe we make our own magic. I discovered Polar Post early summer and bookmarked it for later in the year, ie, now! A magical selection of imagination sparking books, toys and gifts, As well as the best version of a letter from santa you will see. Polar Post launched in 2015 by Charlotte Wood with her tagline “letters sent by magic”. Something as beautiful and enduring as written word on paper can be kept for years to come and cherished. With the digital age increasingly retiring handwriting and print- Glamour magazine being its latest victim, I for one am thrilled at discovering Polar Post. The magic of which would not translate quite so well in an email! Long live snail mail. Below are a few of my fave picks from the site, but do browse for inspiration and start a wishlist for yourself. Click here to be transported to the North Pole

Children and adults alike will be captivated by this beautifully illustrated festive book. £14.99

I am especially excited about this wrapping paper, in collaboration with Jessica Russell Flint the “official” paper of the North pole, Elf approved. From £1.50

The most beautiful  from Santa letters, Ever. From £20.95

These Hampers! Fill with treasures and books for a basket that can be enjoyed for years to come. From £16.95 for a small

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With Magic and fairy dust……

Emma xx

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