The Great Crystal Comeback

Ahhh Crystals, I know I have written about them before but I wanted to share two really special businesses harnessing their power in different and wonderful ways. The first is a company infusing crystals with candles. Could their be a more enchanting combination? I was thrilled to discover them and immediately ordered a orange with a red carnelian stone. It is the stone for motivation, joy and energy. Also it is believed to guard your home from intruders, or in my mind…anyone with negative energy. Your private space has to be protected! I placed my order then contacted the owner for a little more information. I am always so intrigued and inspired by women or men who take a chance on something they hold passion for. Krista started her company following a lifelong love affair with crystals and the art of aromatherapy. She notes even as a child on school trips she would be in a gift shop with friends and they would all be buying the latest pencils and novelty erasers and she would choose a crystal instead, feeling drawn to them. Krista then started researching crystals and her knowledge grew. Whilst making candles for herself she had the lightbulb moment of marrying the two. Crystabelles was born. The candles are 100% soy wax and the wicks natural cotton. The other wonderful point of difference is that these candles start at £12. As a candle lover on a limited budget this really is luxe for less. I can’t recommend them highly enough and they burn cleanly with no tunnelling. And when the candle has come to its end, you have the crystal to keep. To browse and buy click here. Crystabelles Instagram here.

img_1798img_1797Crystal Jewellery, by someone who has a depth of knowledge on their healing powers. Tiana Jewel London. Handmade, power healing crystals. innovative design and affordable. I was lucky enough to preview the SS18 collection, images below. The designer Miri is so passionate about her work and makes each piece with love. A true creative soul she handpicks each crystal and ensures each piece is timeless and infinitely wearable.  I have the ethereal yet fierce feather earrings, just add a boho dress and dance your sandy toes in the warm sand. Shop Tiana Jewellery here. Browse their Instagram here.

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