Natura Bisse Inhibit Face- Lift

A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky to be asked to review a brand new facial by uber cool and cutting edge brand Natura Bisse. I am very familiar with the brand as I used their wonderful products to prep my skin before my wedding. This however was 7 years ago! What with a pregnancy, maternity leave and a part time return to the working world I simply didn’t have the budget for lots of my previous indulgences, as with lots of us mums ( and dads!) So my delight in this experience was huge!

So the facial itself is designed for the person who doesn’t want to go down the injectables route just yet, or wants to use it in conjunction with, it is a skin noticing a loss in firmness, lining and uneven tone. Its promise is to renew and brighten, correct and tighten, fill and also hydrate. Here is how I got on.

Firstly let me explain the venue, Harrods Wellness Centre! Wow its like something out of James Bond. Super sleek wood and minimalist with doors concealed within the wooden panels. A real sanctuary from bustling Knightsbridge. Once I arrived I was ushered into a treatment room and given a few minutes to settle on the bed and relax, mainly I was trying to get in the zone after the wonderful tube journey!

My therapist was in fact the trainer for Natura Bisse and travels all over imparting her knowledge to the teams. Laura was extremely passionate and explained each  step of the process to me. Of course if you want to close your eyes and drift off you can I wanted to absorb all the info so I could report back. Laura explained this facial is very much a results driven procedure, and some parts may feel a little hot, cold or tingly.

The first part  is the radiance lifting peel. This is a cotton cellulose mask that fits over the contours of the face. Enriched in the mask are a cocktail of acids that work together to fight pigmentation and give the skin a renewed luminosity.  This feels cool on the skin in no way uncomfortable and is suitable for all skin types.

After this is removed I was treated to a wonderful, energising massage which prepares the skin for the Inhibit high definition lifting concentrate.  Laura asked me my main areas of concern, eyes, brow, jawline! She applied the concentrate in all of these places. This serum contains neuropeptides which she explained minimise facial contractions and soften wrinkles. A non injectable form of really addressing lines. This is also intensely hydrating. This felt cool on application.

As a final step I had a hyaluronic acid mask applied. To plump the skin and soften lines and wrinkles. The whole procedure took a wonderful 60 minutes.

The first thing to note is how my skin felt, before I looked in the mirror. It felt alive, super fresh and awake! I wasn’t sure how I was going to mooch around Harrods without makeup so Laura applied the tinted moisturiser in SPF 50 and gave me the mirror. I need to just say how wonderful this product is, I used it exclusively for over a year and loved it! SUCH a great hero product and suitable for all skins. The first thing I noticed, and in fact the main thing was my eyes. The fine lines had all but disappeared and it looked so much tighter. My skin itself, looked fresh, bright and glowing.  I was thrilled. Of course, this treatment Is not injectables so the results last around a week. My skin looked better over the course of the next 3 days. With even my husband noticing, with is a revelation in itself! I asked Laura how often you would need to come in for a treatment like this. It varies person to person she explained. For example, a bride with 6 weeks to go before her wedding may come once a week, for maximum results. For most clients twice a month and of course it also depends on your budget. You may have a facial and then invest in some products to boost the results at home. The products used in the treatment cannot be bought which is a lovely point of difference. The acid used is 20% I know most counter products you can buy are around 5% so you know this is something more advanced, and something more results driven than a take home product.

For me, the results were fantastic. My skin improved over the next 3 days and I would say the overall glow that I had lasted a week. If you had an event, a holiday or of course a wedding, this treatment is for you. I can imagine the benefits of having this even once a month would be fantastic. As a side note, due to the high levels of exfoliation you are advised against exfoliation for three days.

  1. For more information you can visit Natura Bisse here and contact Harrods Wellness Centre to book here.

Please feel free to message me with any queries if you wanted to know anything else about this treatment. The cost had yet to be confirmed when I asked and it launches on April 23rd, to co-inside with Beauty Lovers Day. A special event that takes place in Barcelona every year to celebrate Sant Jordi it is Barcelona’s most romantic day, where lovers gift each other with roses and books. Natura Bisse’s hometown is Barcelona so they are celebrating this wonderful tradition by dedicating the day to unforgettable beauty and skin care treatments.

This treatment was a free trial but all my opinions are absolutely my own.

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